Ray Harm  Available Limited Edition Prints

Here are small images of available prints just click on the image to view a larger picture also see the size and price. The images shown are the best I could do, but the actual prints are merely magnificent! Rays love for nature, experience and talent are easy to see in each one of his pieces. The original paintings from which these prints were made were created free-hand, conceptual and original. They are the result of years of field experience, free-hand drawing and painting from life. With over 50 years of field work studying behavior and sketching birds and mammals at their dens and nests Ray was a stickler for the fine art process.

 Read more on Ray's Commentary

You can also see more information such as release date, edition size etc. on each of these available prints on the Price Guide page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Cathy at harm@rayharm.com

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Wood Duck Hungry Hummers  Cardinals by Lake
 Ruffed Grouse (Incubating)

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Fall Feeder Eagle and Osprey II 
Whitetail Buck

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Black Capped Chickadees Pair of American Cats 
Cardinal on Sunflower Bloom

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Blue-Winged Teal
American Bald Eagle
Portrait of a Symbol

Wild Turkey Pair

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Red Winged Blackbird Western Tanager Bridled Titmouse
Yellow-Headed Blackbirds

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Evening Grosbeak Bobwhite Chicks on Log
Pintail Duck Stamp print Artist Proof

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Gambels' Quail Pyrrholoxia Phainopepla
Downy Woodpecker on Basswood

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Snow Goose Trumpeter Swans
Snowy Egret Black and White

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Bobwhite Covey Rise
Carolina Wren Fledglings

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Elf Owl Cardinal Pride 
Saw Whet Owl

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Gray Wolf Barred Owl 
Bobwhite Quail on gravel

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California Ground Squirrel Kentucky Warbler Cooper's Hawk
Black-billed Magpies

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Mockingbirds Yellow-Breasted Chat Kestrel
Peregrine Falcon Portrait

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White-tail fawns wood frog  Kestrel (on rock) 
White-tail fawn skunks

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Mountain Chickadee 

Downy Woodpecker  Raccoon Family with frog  Pintail Duck

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Peregrine Falcon (on rock) Raccoon (with grapes)  Ruffed Grouse Displaying

Ruffed Grouse Drumming 

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Sassyfras Cardinal
Goldfinch (Wild Canary) Screech Owl "Shrewd Move"  
Hummers Delight

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Vermillion Flycatcher Spring Warbler Pair 
Tufted Titmouse

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Rufous Sided Towhee
Big Horn Sheep
Mallards (Alighting)

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Purple Finch American Redstart Mountain Quail

Screech Owl with Moth

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Fox Squirrel  Mountain Lion 
Green Winged Teal

Wild Turkey 3 birds

Late Summer Fall Wildflowers Set of 6

Summer Wildflowers

Doe and Fawn B/W
A FREE Black and White Doe and Fawn print will be included with each print order for as long as supplies last.