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Hi, I'm Cathy Harm (aka. CHarm) polymer clay artist, years ago I fell in love with the intricate Millefiori designs I saw on 1845-1865 paperweights and decided to make my own “canes” (or "rods") out of polymer clay. Millefiori means “1000 flowers” … Similar to the Venetian Millefiori technique with glass I take raw polymer clay and design my flowers and leaves into what’s called “canes” from the clay. From my cane work I then take thin slices off the canes and apply those wee tiny slices onto my piece, then it’s baked, sanded several times and then buffed to a soft sheen that I like then finally a protective coat of baked on sealer is applied. All this work creates a very durable finished piece.

Because each of my pieces are unique and original and I'm lucky to have a great turnover in items,  I prefer to sell my finished pieces in my shop at Etsy.  I sell my raw cane work in my store on Ebay C Harm Polymer Clay and Art . Besides my finished cane work and pieces I'm now teaching my techniques on how I actually make my canes within the tutorials below. Along with other polymer clay artists such as Donna Kato, Judy Belcher and so many more, I also have step by step classes on caning available on CraftArtEdu.

Rose Garland tutorial
"CHarm Rose Cane" Tutorial is a comprehensive tutorial that I think covers everything I know about making a rose cane from start to finish! This is a very large 2.96 MB PDF file, 38 page tutorial containing 155 photos (I like lots of pictures). We’ll cover making 3 different fan-fold blends, 4 rose petal cane techniques, 4 different rose cane centers and 5 rose petal shapes. Then I’ll show you my techniques and share my tips for constructing a couple of beautiful rose canes. Also included in this tutorial is a chart with cutting measurements to make 8 different number of rose petals, from a 9 petal cane to an 18 petal rose cane. I’m also including a “Rose Cane Option“ sheet for easy reference and of course, my “Helpful Hints“ page just in case you don‘t already have it. With all the combinations for you to choose from, I think you’re in for hours of fun creating your own gorgeous rose canes. What are roses without leaves to add a graceful accent to any piece? This attractive leaf cane is also included within this tutorial. With the amount of instruction given in this tutorial, it covers all levels of learning.
The only supplies you‘ll need for the Rose cane are:
- 2 oz. flower color clay
- 2 oz. blend color (white) clay
- ½ oz. darker shade of flower color clay
- 2 oz. background color clay
- pasta machine
- tissue blade
- ruler
- roller
- knitting needle (or pen)
For your leaf cane you need:
- 2 oz. leaf color clay
- 2 oz. blend color (white) clay
- 2 oz. wrap color clay

I will email you the link to the large 2.96MB PDF tutorial within 24 hours. (I check my email quite often). A link to Adobe Reader to read the PDF file will also be sent just in case you don’t have it already.

-Duplication of this tutorial by or for anyone other than yourself is expressly prohibited.
-My tutorials are for your own personal use only. They are not for resale and the text and photos are not for reproduction or redistribution either in print or electronically.
-You can save it to your computer, print it off for your own reference or save it to disk but please don't pass it around to others or reproduce it in any way. Under the copyright laws that's illegal and besides that... it's just not nice or fair to others. It’s just for you and nobody else but you!
-The canes and projects you make from the tutorials are yours to do with as you like.
-I really appreciate you honoring my copyright so I can keep on doing what I do.
-Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Rose Cane Tutorial  $28.00
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask me before you purchase this tutorial because it is non-refundable and will be delivered to your PayPal email address shortly after payment is received.

Blends to Beauties intro
“Blends to Beauties” is a tutorial where I’ll show you the techniques I use to design and create all seven of these gorgeous Millefiori polymer clay canes from only three fan fold blends. We’ll start off with creating three beautiful fan fold blends then we‘ll create a few component canes that we‘ll use to design each of these seven Millefiori canes (4 floral canes and 3 leaf canes). No matter whether you’re a beginner who has worked with caning a little bit or if you’re an advance caner looking for a new technique to create quite a few unique designs, I think you‘ll have fun using this tutorial. The 19 page tutorial is packed with 86 detail color photos that guide you along each cane, plus my “Helpful Hints Page” is included too!

Blends to Beauties Title Blends to Beauties canes
The supplies that we’ll need to create our 7 canes are:
-pasta machine
-tissue blade
-3 - 6oz blends (2oz of the color (red) 2 oz of the center color (orange) and 2 oz of the light color (yellow)
-approx. 4oz for your background color (I’ve chosen to use black but translucent or even a complimenting rolled blend will work great)

Blends to Beauties tutorial $28.00
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask me before you purchase this tutorial because it is non-refundable and will be delivered to your PayPal email address shortly after payment is received.

CHarm  Polymer Clay Cane Classes

polymer clay polymer clay eggs
Mokume Gane Class  CHarm-O-Scope cane class Treasure Egg Box class

bargello millefiori wow
Bargello cane class Millefiori cane class WOW flower cane class

petal and pens ribbons frilly flowers
Petal flowers and pen class Ribbons cane class Frilly flower cane class

Bee and Ladybug   Extrusion Design Class
Bee and Ladybug cane class   Extrusion Design class

Here's a sampling of my work, all created from polymer clay. Check for new items , they change all the time.
You can always email me at harm@rayharm.com

roses     swcanes millefiori cane
Intricate canes of roses and leaves Stunning canes of Southwest designs Gorgeous Millefiori cane work

bead flutes egg
Millefiori Beads Champagne or wine Flutes Millefiori Kaleidoscope egg

pen set pen pot fountain pen
Faux tiger skin pen and key ring Blooming Pen Pot Millefiori Fountain Pen